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To participate in the FPSNA Recreational Pony Program, simply enroll your pony in the Performance Premium & Awards (PPA) Program, and log the miles you spend with your registered Fell Pony.  Every pony/participant team that attains at least 25 miles per year will receive recognition in the annual Special PPA Edition of the Fell Pony Express newsletter and a participant rosette.

  • Participant must be a current year FPSNA member.
  • Annual $15 enrollment fee in the PPA Program.
  • Log miles spent with your pony, including leading, walking riding, driving, etc. on official log sheets (does not include showing, arena work, ground work, lessons, grooming, feeding or health maintenance).
  • Achieve a minimum of 25 miles per calendar year per pony entered.
  • The pony must be registered with the Fell Pony Society. The registered name and registration number of the pony must be listed on the log sheet.
  • Miles should be logged in miles and tenth of the mile increments
  • The mileage log should be accompanied by a screen shot, or proof of time and distance covered in the form of a GPS mileage tracker.  There are many free GPS trackers available for smartphones.

·     Please remember that the deadline to turn in your mileage log sheets is November 30th!

  • If you have ay questions, send an email to

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