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2024 FPS Challenge

This year's Challenge was announced at the Fell Pony Society Annual General Meeting on April 6th. As last year, the Challenge is for all Fell Pony Society members in the UK and overseas. The theme chosen this year is celebrating 25 years of UK Support Groups. The Groups, like FPSNA, are run by volunteers who provide advice, guidance, and host events to promote our fabulous Fell Ponies in the UK and overseas.

Following feedback from members, this year’s challenge is in two parts.

The first part of the challenge is to lead, walk, ride or drive your pony 25 miles, whether at home or at an organized event, and record those miles on the Challenge form.

The second part of the Challenge is to complete a photo montage with your Fell Pony, spelling the words: REGIONAL GROUPS. Each photo will have you and your pony in it, and will represent a letter. For example: ‘R’ could be a photo of you, your Fell pony and a rose (you’ll need 2 different photos for both ‘R’ and ‘O’, by the way). ‘E’ could be with you, your Fell pony and an egg. There’s a Photo Card to fill in with the relevant word for the photo, eg, ‘rose’, ‘egg’ etc, so you know where you’ve got to with your pictures. Once completed, pop your 14 photos onto the Facebook page The 2024 Fell Pony Society Challenge using the hashtag #FPSGroups25. Your group of 14 photographs can be uploaded to Facebook as a collage, or as individual photos in an album: click on the word Media at the top of the screen, then Albums / + Create Album.

Both the 25 miles and the Photo Card must be completed to achieve the challenge and to receive your beautiful rosette, sent international post directly from the UK. The deadline to submit your mileage log and photos is October 31st, 2024.

Participants must be members of the Fell Pony Society (FPS) UK.

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