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FPSNA & FPS Membership

Annual FPSNA & FPS Dues

Annual FPSNA Membership 

·                FPSNA Individual Membership $40

·                FPSNA Family Membership $55

·                FPSNA Overseas Patron $80

Annual FPS Membership

·                FPS Full Membership $80

·                FPS Associate Membership $60

·                FPS Junior Membership $60

·                FPS Family Membership $160

All NEW FPS members MUST complete and sign an FPS membership application and return via email to FPSNA.  FPSNA can only process FPS membership payments for North American members of FPSNA.

FPS Membership Types:

Full: Recommended membership level for breeders. (Includes privileges #1-5 below

Associate: A pony owner who does not show or breed. Membership includes receiving FPS newsletters (privilege #5, below

Junior: Under 18 on January 1 (includes privileges #2-5, below

Family: Couple & children at same address (includes privileges #1-5, below, for each parent, 2 copies of newsletter, and Junior privileges (#2-5) for all children under 18 on January 1

FPS Membership Privileges

1. Voting Privileges

2. Register Youngstock in the Stud Book

3. Exhibit Ponies at FPS Shows (UK)

4. Compete for special rosettes

5. Fell Pony Society newsletter & other publications



c/o Melissa Kreuzer, 


Lafayette, TN  37083

Please email for our mailing address if you wish to send via post.

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