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2014 FOALS

In 2014, there were 28 FPS registered foals born in total to North American breeders.

17 photo(s) Updated on: November 05, 2021
  • Appleby Fair Willow, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/27/2014; Dam: Stonecreek Black Crystal, Sire: ApplebyFair Maximus. Willow at 5 days old.
  • Dream Hayven Endora, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/04/2014; Dam: Corrennie Afton, Sire: Littletree Bodini, Endora and Dam at three weeks.
  • Felllegend Rheged's Tillie, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/01/2014; Dam: Mustahevonen Rheged's Trixie, Sire: Laurelhighland Romany Boy. A week old.
  • Hardenberg Kronprinz Olaf, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/27/2014; Dam: Mustahevonen Rheged's Lemon Drop, Sire: Littletree Bodini. 2 day old Olaf.
  • Hinter's Harmony, Registration No. Pending, foaled 05/19/2014; Dam: Laurelhighland Blossom, Sire: Hinter. Harmony at two days old.
  • Laurel Highland Eclipse, Registration No. FP72443C*, foaled 04/19/2014; Dam: Laurelhighland Diva, Sire: Laurelhighland Union Jack. Bay Fell Pony colt shown at one day old.
  • Laurel Highland Forte, Registration No. FP72442C*, foaled 05/19/2014; Dam: Laurelhighland Lyric, Sire: Waverhead Model IV. Forte, at 5 days old alongside his dam.
  • Laurel Highland Godiva, Registration No. FP6060*, foaled 05/22/2014; Dam: Sleddale Lib V, Sire: Laurelhighland Union Jack. Godiva at 3 days old.
  • Laurel Highland Hope, Registration No.FP6062* , foaled 04/20/2014; Dam: Laurelhighland Treasure, Sire: Waverhead Model IV. Born Easter morning and pictured at just a few hours old.
  • Laurel Highland Misty, Registration No. FP6059*, foaled 04/27/2014; Dam: Ludworth Lady Grey, Sire: Laurelhighland Union Jack. Misty at 2 1/2 weeks old.
  • Laurel Highland Paisley II, Registration No. FP6061*, foaled 05/10/2014; Dam: Lune Valley Dolly, Sire: Laurelhighland Union Jack. Paisley at 5 days old.
  • Miss Tinker of 5-H, Registration No. Pending, foaled 06/02/2014; Dam: Fellconnection Zelia, Sire: Hunter Van Veldzicht.
  • Moonlit Truffles, foaled 07/09/2014; Dam: DreamHayven Decadence, Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy
  • Southmoore Frost
  • Willowtrail Mountain Ranger, foaled 05/26/2014; Dam: Bowthorne Matty, Sire: Guards Apollo. Ranger at 3 days old.
  • Willowtrail Mountain Storm, foaled 04/13/2014; Dam: Restar Mountain Shelley III, Sire: Guards Apollo. Willowtrail Mountain Storm at five days old.
  • Willowtrail Storm Princess, foaled 04/27/2014; Dam: Lunesdale Silver Belle, Sire: Guards Apollo. Storm Princess at two and a half weeks.

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