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2008 Foals

In 2008, there were 49 FPS registered foals born in total to North American breeders, the largest foaling number in one year to date.

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  • DreamHayven ChancellorRegistration No. FP71431G*, Foaled 03/20/2009: Dam: Corrennie Afton, Sire: Lunesdale Mercury.
  • Laurlehighland Baron (s.Waverhead Robbiem, d. Lownthwaite Monarch).
  • Laurelhighland Black Pearl ( s.Waverhead Model IV, d. Inglegarth Radiant.)
  • Laurelhighland Blosson o" the Hill (s. Waverhead Robbie, d. Guards Blossom).
  • Stonecreek Brett, (s.Ralfland Ranger, d. Llancloudy Marty).
  • Laurelhighland Brilliant. (s.Waverhead Model IV, d. Castle HIll Dainty).
  • DreamHayven Chancellor, (S. Lunesdale Mercury, d. Corrennie Afton).
  • Laurelhighland Crystal, (s. Laurelhighland Rambler, d. Laurelhighland Sapphire).
  • Stonecreek Ashley, Born 3/19/08. (S.Ralfland Ranger, d. Hillhead Evelyn).
  • Laurelhighland Hadley, (s. Waverhead Model IV. d. Raisburn Lettie II).
  • Stonecreek India, (s. Ralfland Ranger, d. Llancloudy Stor).
  • Moonlit Isabelle, at 2 weeks. Born 04/03/08. (s. Stennerskeugh Danny Boy, d. Lunesdale Silver Belle).
  • Stonecreek Jackson (s. Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, d. Gemma).
  • Moonlit James Bond, (S. Geordans Prince Baloo, d. Newfarm Minneola).
  • Willowtrail Jonty, (s.Guards Apollo, D. Turkey Trot Sand Lily).
  • Laurelhighland Benjamin, (s. Waverhead Model IV, d. Lune Vally Dolly).
  • Laurelhighland Clementine, (s. Brackenbank Romany's Prince, d. Lownthwaite Orange Blossom).
  • Laurelhighland Romany, (s. Brackenbank Romany's Prince, d. Brackenbank Poppy).
  • Laurelhighland Tristan, (s. Waverhead Robbie, D. Hades Hill Freya).
  • Laurelhighland Violet, (s. Brackenbank Romany's Prince, d. Lunesdale Rock Rose).
  • Kimberlake Lucky Penny, Born 04/24/08. (s. Stonecreek Magic Minstrel, d. Meres Juliette).
  • Laurelhighland Prince Charming, (s. Brackenbank Romany's Prince, d. Ludworth Lady Grey).
  • Laurelhighland Princess, (s. Brackenbank Romany's Prince, d. Sleddale Wild Rose V).
  • Willowtrail Black Robin, (s Guards Apollo, d. Restar Mountain Shelley II).
  • Stonecreek Lee, (s.Ralfland Ranger, d. Brocklebeck Briony).
  • Stonecreek Stuart, (s. Goytvalley Magic Minstrel, d. Heltondale Rosanna XI).

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